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Slip Lid Cans

Adding convenience to your daily lives

Premium Pack

With the increasing awareness on hygiene and safety of the product every house wife would like to opt for packaging medium which would offer safety, reliability and aesthetics while being consumed at home and all these qualities would undoubtedly is offered by tin cans.

With the increasing purchasing power of the consumer Slip Lid Cans act as an extremely attractive secondary packaging to the pouch or even direct packaging of gift items like watches, chocolates etc. to enhance the value of the product by giving it a premium look.

With the thrust of FMCG's to create differentiation in the market Slip Lid Can becomes a natural choice. It not only provides better aesthetics but also convenience to open and close. No need for the housewives to buy additional jars and the most important environment friendly and recyclable.

Slip lid cans are used for watches, t-shirt, tea, chocolates, coffee etc.

Slip Lid Cans
The Premium Pack
Slip Lid Cans

Available in following sizes:


Cans Dia(In MM) Dia(In inches)
Slip Lid Cans 73 300
83 307
99 401
105 404
127 502
189 709
174 700