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Paint & Shoe Polish Cans

Environment Friendly PackageBetter Aesthetics Compare To Alternate Packs

With the increasing awareness on hygiene, safety and environment hazards of different type of packaging material which go into the land fill or even litter the environment, tin cans being 100% recyclable, reliable and safe for the products become the most logical choice for filling of the non-food products as well.

Other distinct advantages are :-

  • Highest Barrier properties to oxygen, moisture, bacteria, sun light and rodents etc.
  • Tamper proof / Leak Proof
  • Stackable
  • Excellent printability & graphics
  • Re-cycle able and hence eco-friendly
  • Convenient to open and close
  • Versatile and Shape ability
  • Easy to store
  • Needs no secondary packaging
Paint & Shoe Polish Cans
Can A Portable Warehouse
Paint Can Manufacturer

Available in following sizes:


Cans Sizes (In ML) Dia x Height (In MM) Dia x Height (In inches)
Paints Cans 500 Ml. 83x108 307x404
Double tight ring & lid for 1 Ltr. 105x132 404x503
Opening and closing 4 Ltr. 174x197 700x712
Thinner Cans 1 Ltr. 108x145 404x511
Spout for opening, closing and pour ability 5 Ltr. 174x250 700x914
Shoe Polish Cans (available in 2 sizes)   15 gms & 40 gms