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Open Top Sanitary Cans (OTSC)

Can A Portable Warehouse

India is not only the largest producer of fruits and vegetables but also the largest wasters of the same more than 50% of the produce goes waste and does not reach from the farm to the fork. Processing levels in India are extremely low compared to other countries of the world and with the Government's vision to make India the food factory to the world the Open Top Sanitary cans shall play a vital role as a cost effective medium. It provides the following distinct advantages :

  • Offers Highest shelf life
  • Highest Barrier properties to oxygen, moisture, bacteria, sun light and rodents etc.
  • Tamper proof/ Leak Proof
  • Stackable
  • Excellent printability & graphics.
  • Re-cycle able and hence eco-friendly
  • Convenient with easy opening
  • Shelf Stable (i.e. no cold chain required)
  • Needs no secondary packaging
  • Ensures the right nutritional values of the product until opened.

OTS cans are used for processed foods like fruit pulps, vegetables, Indian sweets like rasgulla, gulab jamun, fish, meat, peas, beans, cheese etc.

Open Top Sanitary Cans (OTSC)
Eat What You Can, CAN What You Can't
Process Food Tin Cans

Available in following sizes:



Dia x Height(In MM)

Dia x Height(In inches)

For Processed Food (OTS) Flattend & Built Cans  73x116 300x409
83x114 307x408
99x119 401x411
153x178 603x700
174x228 700x900