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General Line Cans

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With the increasing awareness on hygiene and safety every housewife would like to opt for a packaging medium which would offer safety, reliability and aesthetics while being consumed at home and all these qualities are undoubtedly offered by tin cans. It not only offers highest barrier properties from Oxygen, moisture, bacteria but it also acts as an excellent barrier from rodents and other pests to ensure that the product is safe inside the pack till it is finally consumed. Other distinct advantages :-

  • Offers Highest shelf life
  • Highest Barrier properties to oxygen, moisture, bacteria, sun light and rodents etc.
  • Tamper proof/ Leak Proof
  • Stackable
  • Excellent printability & graphics
  • Re-cycle able and hence eco-friendly
  • Convenient to open and close
  • Versatile and Shape ability
  • Easy to store
  • Needs no secondary packaging
  • Ensures the right nutritional values of the product until opened

General line cans are used for Baby Food, Protein Powder, Coffee, Ghee, other powdered products etc.

General Line Cans
Reliable Pack
Metal Cans

Available in following sizes:


Cans Dia(In MM) Dia(In inches)
For General Line Built-Up Cans 65 211
73 300
83 307
99 401
105 404
127 502
153 603
174 700