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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been integral to HTWs culture since its inception. Various projects undertaken by us reflect our true commitment to society and environment.

As a strong advocate of sustainability, Hindustan Tin Works has been at the forefront of creating awareness on Tin as a viable and smarter option. Canvironment, a unique approach of ours, advocates and generates awareness about Tin as smarter choice, as against other material since it is completely recyclable and environment friendly. Apart from that, we also have undertaken several harvesting and renewable energy lightening projects in Rajasthan and Assam positively impacting thousands of lives and contributing to their overall prosperity. HTW demonstrating its unflinching support to various social causes has also organized blood donation camps and mid-day meal schemes for underprivileged children. We have also made significant contribution towards PM’s national relief fund and upliftment of underprivileged children.


Skill Development Training Programmes for Youth & Women Living in Mangwaki Village, Pataudi, Haryana

Inauguration of drinking water project at Village Pahari, Pataudi (Haryana) on 25th February 2017 sponsored by Hindustan Tin Works Ltd. Through PHD Rural Development Foundation.

Canvironment Week vironmentweek

It is the first ever-global movement for recycling initiated by us, in an effort to create a common platform for all can makers and Brand owners across the world and in turn spread awareness about the unique recycling quality of metal cans.

With the ecological clock ticking and for the benefit of man kind and safe guarding the future, it is extremely important that we act fast and act now. The underlying theme of Canvironment Week in India was also to uplift the lives of the rag pickers, who are identified as the cog in the recycling wheel, in an effort to create sustainability in the recycling system. Dedicating a week for this much needed effort, we believe in not just spreading awareness but taking action as well and hence working for a better tomorrow on an ongoing basis.

For more information visit www.canvironmentweek.com

Water Harvesting Projects in Sikar District

So far we have managed to make a difference in the lives of 6000 people and an equal number of cattle by recovering 900 bighas agricultural land and laying of 30 wells and bore-wells.

With the help of our current project, additional impact on the lives of another 1000 people and 1500 cattle, 400 bighas agricultural land, 7 more wells and recharge impact on downstream villages will be made.

Lighting a Village

HTW has adopted the village of Kohl Bhanga in Assam and has provided Solar Electricity for life benefitting 119 households.

Other Activities

Prime Minister National Relief Fund: Humble contributions were made from time to time during the time of national disasters.

Mid Day Meals: To help the noble initiative which worked towards the upliftment of the under-privileged children in Noida, we have helped with the distribution mid-day meals, tied up with ISKON working in this area.