What Makes Tinplate Most Desirable in the Metal Packaging Industry

What Makes Tinplate Most Desirable in the Metal Packaging Industry

The packaging industry around the globe has witnessed various sea changes over the past 2 decades. Various new technologies along with materials have entered this domain benefiting both manufacturers and consumers. Tinplate is one such material that has immense prominence in the arena and is being used on a large scale by the top general and milk can suppliers in India and around the globe. This blog discusses all the positive aspects associated with this great packaging material. 


What is Tinplate?


Tinplate is a thin iron or steel metal sheet having a coating of tin applied through dipping or electroplating methodology. In contemporary times, tinplate is generally produced using electroplating methodology. As far as the classification of electrolytic tinplate is concerned, it is determined according to the following: 

  • Type of steel
  • Annealing methods
  • Surface finish
  • Extent of tempering
  • Tin coating mass.

Features and benefits of tinplate at a glance 

Beautiful Appearance

Tinplate used by the top cans manufacturer in India and abroad is characterized by the amazingly beautiful and alluringly metallic luster. In the packaging industry, this feature of tinplate makes it the most desirable material. 

Excellent Paintability & Printability

Making use of a large number of lacquers and inks, tinplate can be printed with ease and convenience. This provides an added ease to both manufacturers of original goods and professional packagers to do things the way they want.  

Excellent Formability & Strength

Through the selection of proper temper grade, perfect formability can be obtained. 

Excellent Corrosion Resistance

Excellent corrosion resistance is ensured by choosing an appropriate coating weight. 

Excellent Solderability & Weldability

Easy soldering and welding also make tinplate the most desirable and demanding material in the field of metal packaging. 

Economical, easy to handle, and safe 

Tinplate is considered to be the most economical material which is also safe and easy to handle under all circumstances. This material proves its worth most when it comes to packaging the food materials because such items call for resistant packaging with attributes of safety concerning the consumers' benefits. The cans and containers made using tinplate not only safeguard the products from all types of shocks but also extremely hot or cold climatic conditions. 

These cans and containers also prevent the loss of all micro and macro nutrients along with essential and original aromas making the products more commercially viable. All containers made of tinplate are also very easy to open and close for the end users. What’s more, despite hundreds of openings and closings, they remain intact in their integrity and overall performance. Today, be it coffee, tea, tobacco, or even medicines, all are making use of cans and containers made of tinplate. 

The second use is what makes them admirable among customers 

The cans and containers made using tinplate are extremely attractive in appearance and due to this reason most consumers make a second use of them once the original products are finished. The most glaring examples of the same include paint buckets and containers of ghee and oil. More than 80% of consumers reuse these cans and containers a second time to serve a large number of household purposes. Various consumers use them for preserving other items that call for the same degree of protection and safety as the original ones do. 

For example, the farmers who approach the oil mills to get mustard oil from their own mustard seeds use these tin cans and containers to preserve the oil for longer durations. Apart from it, a large number of cans become an object of collectible value which they can also use for carrying pencils or for the storage of sewing supplies at home.

Lightweight and easy to carry or transport 

The cans and containers made of tinplate are extremely easy to carry or transport when it comes to doing the same with their counterparts made of either glass or any other such metal. Being lightweight, consumers find them easy to hold and carry, and the original product manufacturers who use them for packaging find them economical on logistics and transportation. When compared to the cans and containers made of glass, tinplate containers can be transported at almost half the cost to the same distance to meet the needs of the supply chain. 

The recycling of tinplate

All the cans and containers made of tinplate are 100% recyclable. Today, when the entire world is talking about green resources and other environmental concerns, recyclability is what makes tinplate an ideal material in the metal packaging industry. Due to the powerful electromagnetic crushing, both the metals – steel and tin are fully separated, and this process saves around 70% of the energy and 40% of the water. This is all done with respect to the costs/expenses of elaborating the tinplate from zero.  

Tinplate can be recycled again and again with the same level of quality in its inherent properties with no heavy cost. When compared to cardboard and other materials such as glass, cans and containers made of tinplate are used several times before they are finally discarded. Moreover, these containers do not lose their quality in the recycling process, while on the contrary, cardboard, and material such as glass can be processed and recycled only a few times with almost no guarantee of quality loss. This unique feature has made tinplate one of the most preferred materials in the field of metal packaging the world over.


Tinplate has become one of the most preferred materials in the metal packaging world because of its versatility on various grounds. It offers unmatched advantages over other materials in terms of recyclability, welding ability, soldering ability, light-in-weight properties, and economy. Over the past few decades, Indian cans and container manufacturers have emerged as the main contenders on the global map with their world-class packaging materials. Hindustan Tin is one such company that is dominating the global packaging arena with its innovative and reliable products. For more details, interested parties can get in touch with the company by visiting its website.