Beverage Cans Commercial Viability Upsides and Industry Segmentations

Beverage Cans Commercial Viability Upsides and Industry Segmentations
In the year 2021, the beverage cans market was valued at USD 44.27 million, and it is expected to register a whopping growth of 4.03% between the years 2022 and 2027. Beverage cans made generally of aluminum, tin, and some other metals have become immensely popular across the globe for the amazing benefits that they offer to both manufacturers of different products as well as consumers. One of the most salient benefits of them is that they offer incredible food preservation quality. These cans provide the packed items with nearly 100% protection against a wide range of contaminations, oxygen, light, and moisture. What’s more, these beverage cans made and supplied by the leading manufacturers and Ring Lid Tagger Suppliers, do not tend to rust with the amazing capability of resistance to corrosion. 
This blog discusses some of the top advantages of these cans related to their commercial viability, followed by the market dynamics:

Rigidity, Stability, and High Barrier Properties 

High-quality beverage cans made and supplied by the cookies tins and standard tin can suppliers offers amazing rigidity, stability, and high barrier properties. They are an ideal choice for the packaging of those foods that call for a safe and sound long shelf life and need to be transported at considerably longer distances. Most cans are manufactured using either aluminum or tin and due to this, they come with some incredible properties. Being softer and lightweight, they offer incredible commercial viability to the manufacturers bringing to them huge savings on costs related to logistics. Some of the other features that make them popular include the following:
  • Stackable, lightweight, and strong,
  • Hermetically sealed cover
  • Resistance to transportation
  • Capable of rough handling
  • Offer easy recyclability, and
  • Allow brands to transport more beverages making use of less material.

Beverages cans are a user’s paradise

Whether anything will rock the market or just ruin itself depends upon how customers or end users respond to it. Beverage cans or containers made of tin and aluminum have become the most preferred choice of consumers not only in India but also across the globe. Consumers prefer them to any other kind of packaging stuff because of the following reasons or benefits:
  • Tin beverage cans are extremely lightweight yet sturdy to withstand even the harshest types of handling
  • They are permitted everywhere whether the users are traveling, watching sports in the stadium, or watching a movie in a cinema hall
  • These cans do not contaminate any food item packed in them keeping the consumer worry-free 
  • They are easy to carry and don’t break easily without creating any possibility of injury just like glass does when broken 
  • As for handling, these can offer unmatched ease to people of all groups. 

100% Recyclability 

Recyclability is yet another salient feature associated with beverage cans. It is an open secret that producing anything from scratch calls for more resources than renewing the existing material. Therefore, beverage cans being 100% recyclable contribute a lot to the environment while saving a lot of natural resources like fossil fuels and man-made electricity. When it comes to aluminum and tin, both these materials can be melted down and reused again. In comparison to plastic and paper, tin and aluminum cans are more practical when it comes to recyclability. What’s more, the timeframe for recycling is also surprisingly quick, and experts are of the view that most cans after getting recycled can reach store shelves within 90 days.   

Beverage Cans Industry Segments

Apart from food and beverages, tin and aluminum cans are comprehensively used in a large number of industries such as chemical, and pharmaceuticals. The prime reason behind this is that anything packed in these cans does not lose its quality and remains safe for use for a longer duration. Due to this reason, both end users and manufacturers are always in a win-win situation. The ever-rising preference for tin and aluminum cans across the globe has triggered their demand from industries such as food processing, chemical, pharmaceuticals, and beverages. And this surge in the demand is expected to drive the market in the times to come. 

Industry segmentation at a glance 

By Type
  • Slim
  • Sleek
  • Standard
  • Other Types.
By End-user Industry
  • Beverage
  • Food
  • Aerosol
  • Other End-user Industries.
By Geography
North America
  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • France
  • Rest of Europe.
Asia Pacific
  • China
  • India
  • Japan.
Rest of Asia Pacific
  • Latin America
  • Middle East and Africa.

Manufacturing Scenario of Beverage Cans in India

Over the past 2 decades, industrial growth in India has seen a new dawn in almost all verticals including the manufacturing of a comprehensive range of packaging materials. Indian manufacturers and suppliers of packaging materials have become a part of the global bandwagon of packaging solutions manufacturing. Be it infrastructure, manpower, expertise, research and development activities (R&D), or innovation, the Indian manufacturers and suppliers of packaging materials are meeting the needs of global customers while living to the expectations of the highest quality parameters. 
Constant research work in their R&D facilities has contributed a lot to their capability for producing a large number of ‘first-time’ products in the field of packaging. Today, be it the chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, or any other segment, all from across the globe are approaching Indian packaging materials manufacturers to meet their demands for beverage cans and a large number of other materials. Cost-effectiveness, quality, durability, and reliability are some other advantages closely associated with the packaging materials produced by Indian manufacturers and suppliers of packaging solutions. 


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