Tin Cans: Offering Superb Cubical Efficiency, and Supply Chain Performance

Tin Cans: Offering Superb Cubical Efficiency, and Supply Chain Performance

Manufacturers operating in different industry verticals make use of tin cans for effective and efficient canning of a comprehensive range of items. The food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industry are some of the major consumers of these high-quality containers made and supplied by the top tin can manufacturers in India. As for the 3rd party packagers, they prefer tin cans to other packaging materials because almost all regular metals other than tin are highly reactive to acidic properties of different products, and thus, cause the concerned materials to corrode.  

On the other hand, tin cans or containers made and supplied by the leading tin manufacturers in India are completely safe for food as well as non-food products. They increase the shelf-stability of the items packed and keep them consumable for longer durations. Being extremely lightweight, these cans are very much easy to handle and cost-effective when it comes to logistics. This blog discusses in detail why tin cans are considered to be lighter, greener, and more efficient options for logistics and some other crucial aspects associated with them.


Cubical efficiency, supply chain performance optimization, and cost reductions 

When tin cans are in transit process from manufacturer to filler, they offer some incredible advantages concerning both economy and environment. First of all, the cubic efficiency of tin cans and containers in warehousing and transit is simply unmatchable. It is because the bodies of the cans can easily be stored 4 pallets high with each pallet holding up to around 23 layers of beverage cans. Secondly, since modern manufacturers have been successful in making these cans extremely lighter in weight, the overall load always remains under 200 kg per pallet. 


The lighter and compact packaging of different food and non-food items means incredible savings in logistics costs apart from reduced carbon footprints. A comprehensive study conducted by ICF International found that the greenhouse gas emissions concerning the refrigeration and transportation of tin cans were reduced up to 50% subject to the final destination and the sizes of the cans to be transported. 


Tin cans prove to be a boon for both parties when both can manufacturer and filler are located close to each other. Keeping in view the same advantage, some companies have made it a policy to adopt wall-to-wall production in which these tin cans are produced and filled on the same site. This enables both parties to save huge on transportation or logistics while also curbing the damage to the environment. 


When it comes to optimizing the performance of the supply chain in transport, the utilization of a cube is one of the most crucial elements. This optimization greatly helps in reducing transportation costs, and most importantly, has a very positive impact on the environment with reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Stacking height on pallets, and pallet layer optimization in containers or warehouses plays a key role not only in bringing down the supply chain cost but also in increasing the overall handling efficiency.  



Be it a can manufacturer or filler, the cost of storage is also one of the most crucial considerations as the cubic efficiencies enter the scenario at the very beginning of the process. A pallet is capable of accommodating 4 times as many filled cases of tin cans when compared to other available alternatives. It is a panacea for small and town-centric retailers who always run short of money to bear the rental costs. Apart from this, up to 2.5 times more beverages can be transported well on a lorry through tin cans when compared to cans and containers made of other metals. 


Material reduction 

Tin as a metal has unmatched efficiencies when it comes to proving its worth as an ideal material for manufacturing cans. With the rapid advancement in technology, can manufacturers have been successful in reducing the number of raw materials used to create high-utility tin cans. As per estimation, more than 50% reduction has been recorded in the materials when compared to the situation 40 years ago. For instance, a 500ml can made of aluminum used to weigh around 32 grams which have now become 16, and a steel can which used to weigh around 60 grams has now become 30 grams. This is all due to the sophistication in the manufacturing technology and the makers’ will to ideate, innovate, and create newer and cost-effective packaging solutions.  


When it comes to transportation or logistics costs, they are completely a function of weight concerning the cans or containers. When the load is less, the transport machinery needs to work lesser, and as a result, all the outgoings are reduced with a drastic reduction in CO2 emissions. Tin cans made and supplied by the leading tin can manufacturers and suppliers in India are the only containers that come with amazing features such as oxygen-tight, and an ability to protect themselves from the negative effect of sun rays. They keep all the packed stuff including both food and non-food items safe and protected for longer durations.     


Overall, the superb performance of tin cans in the logistics chain is no more a secret. Be it handling, cost-effectiveness, or environmental benefits, these cans have no rivals in the packaging industry. What’s more, the top tin can manufacturers in India are still striving hard to provide the world with even more cost-effective and nature-friendly packaging solutions, and for this, they are investing heavily in their research and development departments. 



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