Orientation programme of double seaming

Orientation Program Included

  • Awareness on Importance of Double Seaming on Metal Cans for packing Processed food.
  • Standards of Double Seam and its measurement on Vision Monitors.
  • Practical orientation of personals on
    • Seamer and its parts.
    • Rollers
    • Chucks
    • Parameters to check Rollers and Chucks.
    • Proper setting of seamer.
    • Proper fixing, setting of Rollers and Chucks on the seamer.
    • Maintenance of Seamer, Chucks and Rollers.
    • Examples of Good double seam.
  • Awareness on the fabrication process, Component Section, Lacquering section of the HTW.
    • Lacquering and QC measurement on proper Lacquering on metal sheets.
    • Component fabrication and its QC measurement confirming to Specifications.
    • Body fabrication and its QC measurement confirming to specifications.
    • Storage and packing of finished goods. QC inspection confirming to Specifications.
    • Discussed some of the critical parameters pending for inclusion in the specification sheet. HTW to resubmit critical parameters for consideration of DS- Dairy.