As a leader Hindustan Tin Works has had a long tradition of identifying the newest opportunities and doing things differently.

This has been the primary driver behind our sustained success as constant emphasis on innovation and the ability to develop new ideas and bring in game changing products at regular intervals has constantly allowed us meet and exceed the expectations of our domestic and international clients.

At the heart of our quality products, improved models of business, superior manufacturing facilities and efficient production processes is our R&D culture that lays special emphasis on developing products that proudly bears the hallmark of our inimitable quality.

A vibrant R&D culture that is innovative, agile, transformational and strategic has allowed us to introduce many firsts including—shaped cans, slip lid cans, metal over cap with dimples for Pan Masala, re-closable cans and decorative and high utility storage jars with and without see through window. We are extremely proud to state that our R&D fosters creativity that positively helps us in developing truly innovative products for making a marked difference in quality of your lives.